Starlito-@ War W/ Myself (2010)

Starlito, formerly known as All Star The Cashville Prince, is an MC from Nashville, Tennesee who was signed to Cash Money records. After numerous delays and setbacks, he decided to break free from the label and independently release his music.

Starlito used to be a run of the mill southern rapper, nothing special, but passable. Now that he has freedom from his label he can make the music he really wants to make, and you can tell on @ War W/ Myself.

On this mixtape Starlito enlists fellow Tennessean beat maker Lil Lody to handle most of the beats along with DJ Burn one and Coop, and one beat by Celsizzle. Lito also raps over some famous instrumentals including Tupac Back and Lil B’s Ellen Degeneres beat.

Lito’s lyrics are half insightful, half street braggadocio. He explains his problems with his label & the struggles of growing up in his neighborhood, all while bragging about the money, fame and females he has acquired. Lito’s voice has a thick southern drawl that adds to the ruggedness of the tracks.

Lito also delves into concept tracks on Like Mike and Dodge Music, the former being an ode to basketball from the point of view of Michael Jordan, while the latter is a love letter to automobiles manufactured by the Chrysler sub-company over the Maybach Music instrumental.

At 51 minutes, @ War W/ Myself doesn’t feel too long, nor does it lose steam at any point. With this effort Starlito has crafted a mixtape that both displays his skills, and allows Lito to have fun without compromising the integrity of either trait. The fun and insightful tracks balance each other out nicely giving Starlito one of the better mixtape releases of 2010.


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