Sean Price-Jesus Price Supastar (2007)

Sean Price is 1/2 of the duo Heltah Skeltah and 1/8th of the New York Hardcore Hip Hop staple The Boot Camp Clik. The Brownsville residents 2nd solo album is produced mostly by Khrysis & 9th Wonder, with a few others thrown in. It also has features from his BCC partners as well as Sadat X of Brand Nubian fame, Ruste Juxx & Skyzoo of Duck Down Records & Little Brother’s Phonte.

Price has a rugged rap style that is part battle rapper, part gangsta, part comedian. On Jesus Price, he flexes both his rhyme skills and humor, all while keeping the album a grimy NY affair. On P-Body, Price and the other half of Heltah Skeltah trade verses and alliteration starting with the letter P. Stop is Sean at his best, spitting some fine battle rhymes over a hectic Dionne Warwick flip. Sean Price isn’t only a battle rapper though, tracks like Mess You Made have Sean speaking on the problems that can come from “keeping it real” with rappers trying to live what they talk about.

Sean’s flow on every track is flawless, and his voice booms as he delivers quotable line after line. The production on the album is another strong point as Khrysis & 9th Wonder flip some great samples that give the album a soulful feel, while Price contrasts it with his street delivery and content.

Although this is only Sean’s second solo album, he has been around since 1995’s Dah Shinin, and his skills are those of a veteran. Sean finds a good mix of brag rap and humor, while still staying humble proclaiming he is the “brokest rapper you know” and referring to his lyrics as the “thoughts of a thousandaire” which just makes Sean Price, and Jesus Price Supastar, a more enjoyable experience.


3 responses to “Sean Price-Jesus Price Supastar (2007)

  1. Yea a lot of people say they like Monkey Barz better. I’m not really sure which one I like more honestly. I just know they are both good albums.

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