Holocaust – Blue Sky Black Death Presents: The Holocaust (2008)

If you know anything about The Holocaust, then you know he is anything but a typical MC. For better or for worse, Holocaust (aka Warcloud, aka Robot Tank) is a very distinct rapper.

First and foremost, this album is not something most people will enjoy on their first listen, while the beats are done amazingly, Holocaust’s experimental ‘flow’ is very off putting at first. In some songs it sounds as if he isn’t even trying to stay on beat, instead going off into strange tangents about everything and anything. Holocaust’s lyricism seems to favor a very abstract and free association form of story telling. Saying anything more on the theme of his music would be impossible, as he changes the theme up in just about every song (sometimes in the middle of the song).

Some of the more memorable verses seem to deal with popular literature and legends, for example, his song ‘No Image’ seems to be painting a rather vivid scene from the novel ‘I Am Legend’ (yes like the movie, except the book wasn’t terrible) in other songs he raps about ancient Greek legends or even the Pied Piper of Hamelin. To his credit, every song manages to put strong images in your head. Sometimes it’s just hard to tell what you’re seeing.

Now on to the biggest draw of the album, the production. Yes, the production. Blue Sky Black Death has never been one to disappoint on beats, and the dark, almost symphonic beats they provided for this album were simply perfect. These beats retain a very atmospheric feel, favoring deep chords and piano keys, almost coming off as classical compositions. The beats really are good enough to be carry an album on their own, in fact, they were even released by themselves as an instrumentals version of the album… And considering the very real possibility that Holocaust’s disjointed flow may never grow on some of you, it’s probably a good thing.

All in all, this album is not the best album you’ll ever hear, it’s definitely not one of the most accessible either… But what it has going for it is it’s a very interesting album. It’s worth at least a few listens, just to see if you’re one of the people who can acquire a taste for it’s, admittedly, very odd style.

Best Tracks: No Image, God Be With You, The Ocean
Worst Tracks: Killer Moth, Lady of the Birds

Overall: 63/100


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