Curren$y – Pilot Talk (2010)

New Orleans MC and ardent pothead, Curren$y, is one with a wide range of refreshing material that appeals to both avid hip hop heads and more casual listeners, and thus has encountered success in both the underground and mainstream.

On Pilot Talk, his 2010 release which precedes Pilot Talk II, The Hot Spitta serves up a perfect show of his lyrical ability and persistence on the mic, with a side of what he and the Jets are all about.

Production on the album is conspicuous, with the signature Ski Beatz sound. Heavy in hi-hats, catchy loops, complimented by the sporadically reoccurring bass. While it’s not amazing, the overall easy-going vibe fits Curren$y’s style impeccably. Lyrically, Spitta keeps the same concepts as usual, but somehow he always manages to present them in an inventive manner, by avoiding the cliché in-your-face attitude that many rappers have adopted, and putting forward his laid-back flow and blasé lyrics. The main focus of the album seems to be to promote stepping out of your safety zone. The album does not disappoint in the guest verse department, with notable appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, and Jet members Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver.

The first track, “Example,” is just what the name suggests. With an expressive guitar sound, the moderately short, melodious track is a paradigm of what is to come on the album. “Audio Dope II” has a distinguished sound, with Curren$y rambling about his accomplishments. The next track, “King Kong” has a similar braggadocio sound. “Seat Change” features the biggest name on the album, Snoop Dogg. Snoop brings an exceptional verse on the song, which is about a girl who Curren$y has history with. “Roasted” is the only track on the album produced by a Monstabeatz, who does a great job of creating a sound ideal for Spitta, Roddy, and Trademark. “The Day“ was a standout track for me, with Jay Elec going hard on his verse. The album comes to an interesting close with “Life Under The Scope.”

“Wannabe pilots get swatted out the sky…”

All in all, Pilot Talk is, start to finish, an eclectic album with plenty of replay value, and not a single weak track. Curren$y often goes without well-deserved recognition, so give it a listen if you haven’t. My favorite tracks on the album were Audio Dope II, The Day, and Address.

Overall: 87/100

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