Lil B – I’m Gay (I’m Happy) [2011]

Lil B the Based God has become something of an internet phenomenon this past year. When his hilariously bad lyrics and lo-fi beats on his popular songs such as ‘Wonton Soup’ were heard, people were questioning humanity. Is this guy for real? Do people actually LIKE this stuff? Lil B was no doubt the most prominent troll in the music industry. Of course, the Based God knew what he was doing. He knew he had made atrocious music. Whether it was for the element of surprise on this album or just for jokes, we’ll never know.

On this work, gone are the “Bitch suck my dick” rhymes and wack beats, which are now replaced by Lil B turning to ‘serious’ rap and lush production. Many fans have called this the ‘true side’ of Based God. His inspirational themes and storytelling keep his listeners’ attention. Songs such as ‘Gon Be Okay’ and ‘I Seen That Light’ are filled with positive messages, while others like ‘Unchain Me’ tell his listeners his troubles. Lil B’s flow is often monotone throughout the album, without much changing up in delivery. He is no lyrical genius, but he has a profound way of getting his message across. There is the occasional great punchline or metaphor, but nothing more.

The production is somewhat gritty but high-quality as well, from the Clams Casino-produced beats to a simple looped sample of One Summer’s Day from the movie Spirited Away. The samples vary from different genres, such as “Iris” by the alt-rock band The Goo Goo Dolls on “I Hate Myself” to the shoegaze band Slowdive’s “Catch the Breeze” looped on “Open Thunder Eternal Slumber”.

Overall, Lil B tries to create a solid, cohesive album, but some parts fall flat. Sometimes it sounds like he is mumbling over a beat that’s too loud or pausing too long to let the beat sink in. He carries positive messages throughout the album, but doesn’t know how to convey them in a more lyrical way. Lil B seems ambitious on this project, but there is plenty of room for improvement.



2 responses to “Lil B – I’m Gay (I’m Happy) [2011]

  1. This really summed up my thoughts on the album perfectly. Good review, also… Obligatory THANK YOU BASED GOD!!!!

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