OJ Da Juiceman-O.R.A.N.G.E. (2010)

OJ Da Juiceman is probably one of the most universally hated rappers of all time. From his childish lyrics to his constant ad libs, OJ has gained many haters over his short time in the rap game. Despite this, OJ still manages to get props from highly respected artists like Bun B, and release a steady stream of mixtapes. The Juiceman’s type of music is polarizing for many people, you will usually either love him or hate him. If you hate him, this review isn’t for you.

ORANGE starts off with the Juiceman addressing the criticism he receives, and stating that he deserves most of it. He speaks about his small vocabulary saying “vocabulary extends way farther than the brain can imagine” and states that if people feel the need to criticize him, he must be doing something “perfect”. As simple minded as the Juiceman’s music makes him look, he comes across somewhat intelligent on this intro. He realizes he makes music for a certain market, and doesn’t try to be anything else, which I find very respectable.

This isn’t to say that this is OJ’s intellectual mixtape. OJ may realize he is seen as a joke to many people, but he simply does not care. This tape is populated with raps about diamonds, cars and clubs like every other OJ project. Although the Juiceman didn’t change his style at all on this tape, it’s still comforting knowing he isn’t really as dense as he comes off.

Anyway, the beats on the mixtape are great for the most part. Not Tonite is a straight banger, Touchdown has an incredible bassline provided by Drumma Boy, and I Do That is a great crossover R&B track with Bobby Valentino. A few beats, including It’s A Go and the unfortunately named Penis, just don’t work though.

Lyrically, OJ is being OJ. He says things that don’t rhyme. He says things that don’t make sense. And he seems to think Mexicans have some sort of superhuman running ability, as evidenced on Touchdown when he says “60 yard pass and I’m running like a Mexican”. Another notable line is from Houses For Rent when OJ says “Houses for rent got me dancing like a Mexican”. Ahh, those Mexicans, always running and dancing, who doesn’t love them?

Oddly enough, rhymes like this stick in your head for the wrong reasons, but are later remembered fondly. OJ has the tenacity to say something like “whip the same color as an armpit” and forces it to stick in your head until you find yourself thinking “Hey, that was a pretty funny line.”

I can go on all day just quoting silly things OJ says, and believe me, I would love to, but OJ isn’t the only MC on this tape. Juiceman doesn’t enlist any of his big name cronies for this mixtape, choosing to go to his own stable of artists in his YBC camp. They all have a similar style to OJ and break up the monotony of his voice and lyrics. OJ did somehow get Bun B to drop a verse, as well as west coast artist Jay Rock on one of the best tracks on the tape, Gunshots.

Overall, this mixtape is more of the same from OJ. After a somewhat eye opening intro, he goes back to doing what he does best. Bragging about all the stuff he has over trunk rattling beats. This mixtape won’t change the world, nor will it make you a fan of OJ. But true fans of the JewMan will enjoy this fun tape for exactly what it is, IGNANT TRAP MUZIK! AYE OKAY!


15 responses to “OJ Da Juiceman-O.R.A.N.G.E. (2010)

    • I feel like I might be grading albums on a harsher scale than the rest of you, for me 90+ is a classic, 80-89 is an amazing album, 70-79 is a good album, 60-69 is a meh album and below that you’ve messed up.

    • Cage is probably one of the worst rappers I’ve ever heard tbh but I don’t whine about his album getting a 90 or whatever it got.

      • Wasn’t trying to complain about the album’s rating, it’s going for a different audience which wants different things in the album than Cage did… Was just sayin’ I felt like I was rating on a harsher scale than most.

      • I don’t consider any album to be 100/100, so obviously our idea of what an 86/100 should sound like are different. Roc Marciano’s album would probably rate somewhere in the 80s for me, so an 86 for you would be closer to 70, for me 🙂

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