Twista-Adrenaline Rush (1997)


The Chicago MC formerly known as Tung Twista is probably best know by his Kanye West assisted single Overnight Celebrity. Many assumed Twista was a new artist under Kanye’s wing when hearing it, not realizing that Twista has been dropping high speed rhymes since 1992’s Runnin Off at Da Mouth.

On his 3rd album, Twista secures production from Chicago staple The Legendary Traxster, as well as B-Hype and Toxic. Twista keeps everything in Chicago with Liffy Stokes, Johnny P and Psychodrama’s Buk & Psyde making appearances.

Most of the beats on the album are handled by the Traxster, and he fares very well. The combination of Twista’s quick rhymes and Traxster’s dark strings and soft keys makes a great formula for the album. Traxster can set a dark mood for the gangster brag tracks, and keep it light for the slower, more sensitive songs nicely.

The album’s namesake track is probably the most well known, and for good reason. Buk switches speeds on his verses, alternating slow, narrative raps with double time gangsta bravado. Twista also knows just when to speed it up and slow it down, avoiding the gimmicky feel his first album had, and displaying his fast skills more than his second.

Twista also mixes up the content of this album providing plenty of fast paced hood anthems, along with slow jams, something Twista has become known for over the years. Emotions has Twista speaking on sex, while Unsolved Mystery and Korrupt World are gritty tales of Chicago’s K-Town section.

The main problem with this album is the usage of interludes. Some songs end with a fictional news story about shootings in Chicago, while some set the mood for the slow jam tracks. Although they try to advance the concept of the album, it is kinda lost based on the fact that the record does different styles so well. There is really no point to these skits.

On his third album, Twista finally found the right mix between repping his hood, laying his mack down and gang banging. With this record Twista has crafted a Chicago classic, if not a genuine classic throughout rap.




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