DJ Sound- Volume 10: Hatred


For every Drake, there’s 20 rappers in Toronto that probably should have made it big before him, for every Three 6 Mafia, there are 20 other Memphis artists that deserve twice as much praise. DJ Sound is a Frayser area DJ, in house producer for the Frayser Click, and Memphis legend. His 11 volumes of mixtapes/albums are widely circulated around the internet on underground Memphis rap forums, yet DJ Sound is a virtually unknown name.

DJ Sound’s style is slow, dark and brutal. Most of his beats are similar to those of early Three 6 Mafia tapes, and some even include the same samples. The Frayser Click laces his beats with the darkest, most misogynistic, violent raps possible, which adds to the overall tone of the tape. Watch Out For Da Click introduces each member of the Frayser rap outfit over an almost spacey beat, which is a lot more upbeat than the rest of the tracks on this tape.

Hoish Ass Niggas and Kickin N Doors better portray the overall sound of the tape, slow, plodding beats with rapid hi hats, completed with vocal samples about various forms of robbery and murder. “Hatred” is not a nice album, nor will it make your day bright and full of joy. The tape is early 90’s Memphis rap at it’s hardest, and doesn’t let up for a second.

The one song that somewhat changed tempo is O.S.P. which speaks about violence among blacks and calls for an end to it, but this song is followed by All I Want Is Just Cheese which sees the lyrics fall back to the “rob, murder, repeat” formula, for better or worse.

If you always wanted to hear how Three 6 Mafia would sound if they never hit it rich, this tape is for you. If MOP isn’t hardcore enough for you, then this tape is for you. Good old fashioned Memphis gangster rap, no filler, no softness. A personal favorite of mine, and the greatest Memphis rap tape ever released in my personal opinion. NOW GO BUMP THIS JUNT MAYNE





Edit: Now that megaupload is dead, I realize it may be hard (see: impossible) to find this album. If you are interested in hearing it, leave a comment and I will provide a link.


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