This is primarily a hip-hop blog.  We review albums, mixtapes and EPs both new and old.   We may occasionally delve into other topics, as well.

The Staff:

Banjo – Administrator – North Dakota

Favorite Rapper – Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Favorite Album – Deltron 3030

Senor Soulstice – Editor – British Columbia

Favorite Rapper – Masta Ace

Favorite Album – A Long Hot Summer

The Co_ol – Editor – Ireland

Favorite Rapper – Lupe Fiasco

Favorite Album – The Cool

Madliberator – Author – Illinois

Favorite Rapper – Project Pat

Favorite Album –

LuxDel – Author – New Zealand

Favorite Group – OutKast

Favorite Album – ATLiens

Rocket Queen – Author – United Kingdon

Favorite Group – Black Star

Favorite Album – Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Black Star

Miss Murderous – Author – California

Favorite Rapper – Cage

Favorite Album – Movies For the Blind

Cage Kennylz’ – Author – Ireland

Favorite Rapper – Qwel

Favorite Album – The Cold Vein

Johnny Blaze – Author – United Kingdom

Favorite Rapper –

Favorite Album –

Dreamifyy – Author – 

Favorite Rapper –

Favorite Album –


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  1. Hi, i’m MAD SYNTST of Atomic Farmhouse. I believe that you should listen/review or feature this album because, America’s Hip Hop scene  is down the incinerator. Rappers aren’t staying true to the art form;cluttering it with rhymes about clothing (swag), Twompers (How many women they are intimate with), and intoxicants (Promethazine Codeine Syrup, Weed, & Pain Pills). Basically everything besides the music. Our music serves as a drug in it’s own way, producing a lyrical high. Don’t you miss that feeling when you first fell in love with HipHop and chills ran throughout your body. Our music brings that raw essence back to the Hip Hop genre. Atomic Farmhouse is based out of the Marrero area of New Orleans, LA. The band consist of five members (ANTI, MAD SYNTST, BENJAMIN “BREEZE” BRADLEY, LAWSON VLADIMIR, & SAM KOOKIE] . The Farmhouse’s debut effort Fortune Cookie LP released independently on 3/31/12.  Fortune Cookie LP can be better defined if analyzed as Nas’s Illmatic , Notorious B.I.G’s Ready To Die, and Wu Tang Clan’s Enter the 36 Chambers running a train on MF Doom’s Operation Doomsday.


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    • Sure, I’ll review you (or at least have somebody on the site review you). Always glad to give small indie acts a nod. Be aware, though, if your album is wack, I’m not going to sugar coat it.

    • I’ll get to it in bit. I want to finish the top 50 list, and then I’ve got another unsigned group that asked me to review before you did.

  2. Looking for a review….

    I’m not gonna give you some long drawn out life story. I’ll do that through my music. What I will say is I’m a young hip-hop/pop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. There are a billion artists in this world so 9/10 things I say here may sound cliché. All I can say is, I love music and have always had a good ear for it. I think it comes across in mine. I work hard to continuously bring something new to my fans every line of every verse of every song/freestyle. Everything me and the DV8 team does is 100% independent. In house promotion, in house production, film crew etc etc.

    Although I do love money, it is not the primary thing that drives me with my music. I truly desire to be heard. I cannot explain the anxiety I get when I create a track, knowing it is hot and wanting so bad for people to hear it. I think something that separates a good artist from being great is a perfectionist mentality and knowing when it is done.. and knowing if it’s hot. I think I have that ability and it reflects in the reactions and feed back. The game, for me, is all about reactions.

    Being from Brooklyn I grew up on hip-hop. I think its embedded in the culture of Brooklyn period. There’s a lot of pride (hip-hop wise) when you come from Brooklyn. I come from the birth place of Kane, Big, Hov, Fab and the list goes on. I want to join the list of Brooklyn rappers who’s names stand the test of time. Like I said in a freestyle “the industry’s a universe for hits/ so they say Jay Walker you a perfect fit.” 2012 is DV8’s year. http://www.jaywalkermusic.org/

    You can preview/download the file directly from our server: http://www.valorrecordings.com/Jay_Walker_-_Could_It_Be.mp3



  3. Just finished reading about 50 reviews in one sitting. I agreed with most, but I believe some are a bit off.
    That is all a matter of opinion though.
    I’m glad to see the combination of both the old classics and the more modern albums.
    Also, is there an e-mail to contact the owner/s? I have several ideas that I, personally, would love to see on this site.
    Added to favourites.
    A reply would be appreciated.

  4. Hey. I see there are a few artists trying to get their material reviewed. I’d like to add my project to that list. It’s called ‘PanoramicVisions’, and was entirely produced by Black Tokyo (a beatsmith out of VA). My name is Elias-Omar aka Avarice. Here’s the link— http://eliasomar.bandcamp.com/album/panoramicvisions
    Hopefully, you get to it. It’s gotten some positive feedback. Thanks, Peace.

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