GOAT Not From the East Coast Final Results

It was weeks in the making, but the votes have been tallied and a champion has been crowned.  The closest of the placing matches was the 7th place match pitting Gift of Gab against Scarface.  Scarface ended up sneaking past Gab by a single vote.  Del tha Funkee Homosapien avenged his earlier loss to Big Boi in the 5th place match.  The third place match between Detroit peers, One Be Lo and Elzhi, was down to the wire as well, with Elzhi bringing home the Bronze.  Finally the title match, between #1 and #2 overall seeds, Andre 3000 and Common, was tied until the last day, ultimately the OutKast veteran proved to be too much for Common, though.

#8 – Gift of Gab

#7 – Scarface

#6 – Big Boi

#5 – Del tha Funkee Homosapien

#4 – One Be Lo

#3 – Elzhi

#2 – Common

#1 – Andre 3000



Tournament Update

Well, the top two overall seeds, Andre 3000 and Common, showed that they earned their spots, by handily defeating the upstarts Elzhi and One Be Lo.  The matches in the consolation bracket were a bit less one sided, with each match coming down to a single vote.  Big Boi snuck out a win over Scarface and Del tha Funkee Homosapien just edged out Gift of Gab.  Gab and Scarface will face-off for 7th Place.

The matches up now will determine who gets to compete for 3rd place, with the two losers going against each other for 5th.  I’ll leave these matches up till Friday, and then have the placing matches up from Saturday to Saturday.


As always, the matches are posted on the “Tournament” page.


Tournament Update

We’re down to our final eight MCs.  Everybody who is left is guaranteed to place, now it’s just a matter of deciding who will place where.

Our first match-up we have features two legendary Dirty South MCs. Atlanta rapper, Big Boi, of OutKast fame, faces off against Houston’s Scarface, who got his start with the seminal group Geto Boys, but went on to have a very successful solo career as well.

On the other half of the bracket, we’ve got two Oakland underground legends facing off in Del tha Funkee Homosapien (Solo, Hieroglyphics, Deltron 3030, Gorillaz) and Gift of Gab (solo, Blackalicious).  Both these guys have been in the game for 15+ years and are still going strong.

The winners of those two matches will face the losers from our Final Four battles for the opportunity to compete for third place.  The losers will face each other for seventh place.


GOAT Not From the East Coast Round 3

First batch of matches for Round 3 just went up on the “Tournament” page. This round is all consolations and will be a little shorter than the previous rounds, as there are only 8 matches. Not entirely sure how long I’ll keep them up yet, so vote early.

GOAT MC Tournament

Over the next several days/weeks, Review Hip-Hop will be hosting a tournament to determine who is the greatest MC of all time (GOAT) as determined by you, dear reader.  Those of you who know me from Yahoo! Answers may recall that I’ve done similar tournaments in the past, which have all been dominated by East Coast MC’s.  So, to change it up a bit, every MC featured in this small tournament (32 MCs, double Elimination) are from the Midwest, South or West Coast of the United States (sorry Canada).  The day’s Matchups will be posted on the “Tournament” page.


Lloyd Banks-Rotten Apple (2006)

Lloyd Banks sophomore album Rotten Album was released in 2006, after his planned 2nd release was leaked and is now floating around the internet as an unreleased album. This would lead me to believe that this album was either the throwaway tracks from that album or something that was rushed and slapped together to get something out. Listening to the album though, it’s hard to believe either of these to be true.

The production from the album comes from G-Unit regulars Sha Money XL, Ron Browz & Eminem, as well as Needlz, 9th Wonder and a few others. Overall, the production quality is what was expected from G-Unit at the time of it’s release. Banging, grimy beats, perfect for Banks’ raspy delivery.

The album has features from all the G-Unit members at the time besides The Game, as well as Mobb Deep, Musiq Soulchild, Keri Hilson and, surprisingly, Scarface & Memphis’ own 8Ball, half of the legendary duo with MJG. There is even a Rakim feature for all the people chastising the G-Unit family for not being “real hip hop”. All the featured artists deliver, but it’s really Banks’ album, and you can tell he was focused owning it.

Lloyd Banks is, in my own opinion, how a rapper should be. He has a raspy voice that commands attention, a flawless flow, and punchline usage that doesn’t overwhelm the listener. He can tell a story, or brag about what he has and sounds at home doing either. Playboy 2 is nearly all brag rap over a pounding beat provided by Ron Browz (who also made Nas’ Ether, which he will never let us forget by calling himself “Etherboy” on every track he has touched since) while The Cake is (obviously) an ode to money with G-Unit leader 50 Cent. The sample in the beat perfectly complements Banks’ and 50’s verses making this one of my favorite songs on the album.

Help and Addicted are the crossover R&B tracks that Banks also has no problem doing. Musiq sings a chorus I really like on Addicted, and Banks speaks on the price of fame and how the lifestyle can be addicting.

There are some songs that most listeners might not enjoy like the southern sounding Iceman. Banks, Young Buck, Scarface & 8Ball deliver a track that would sound right at home on any of the guests albums, but feels out place on Banks’ grimy, New Yorker album. I still enjoy the song, but it breaks up the flow of the album. Hands Up also has a sing songy chorus that could turn people off, and is also probably my least favorite song on the album.

Whether this album was throwaways or just thrown together, or a time crafted labor of love, it sounds great. If you have the “G-Unit isn’t real hip hop” mindstate, I strongly suggest you give this album a listen. If it changes your mind, great. If not, I feel this quote from the album fits nicely:

“Roll down the window, stick my hand out, hi hater!”