Sticky Fingaz – BlackTrash: The AutoBiography Of Kirk Jones (2001)

Sticky Fingaz made his name known as the front man of hardocre rap group Onyx in the 1990s. The rest of the group were struggling to get any attention with Sticky Fingaz agressive and loud delivery stealing the show on most songs. So come 2001 it was time for Sticky to go solo. Scripted like a movie, Blacktrash follows the life of Kirk Jones, a down-and-out just released from prison who just cant stay out of trouble.
There is something to mention on just about every single track, Sticky really shows how much of a imagination he has throughout….The begining the album we have a skit introducing us to a newley released from prison Kirk Jones. The first few tracks are some hard hitting songs to get you pumed and they reflect the kind of feeling you would have coming out of jail pefectly. One of them being ‘My Dogs Iz My Gunz’ where Sticky literally raps about his dogs being guns. Followed by ‘Not Die’n’ which might just be my favourite cut from the album. After getting shot in the previous skit. Stciky comes hard making sure you hear him, and determined to survive. Yelling the the chorus thats sticks in your heard, “I’m not die’n, what bring it I’m Not die’n” repeated multiple times. Sticky shows his creativeness on the track ‘Money talks’ where raps as a dollar bill…yes a dollar bill. During ‘Why’ Feat X-1 and Stil Livin Sticky shows how a simple lift from a friend can turn into something that can change your life, as he gets his friends involved in a jewlery store robery followed by a car chance over a very eery beat which fits the situation perfectly. Sticky question’s god really exists on ‘Oh My God’ spitting as both himself and god. After the trouble kirk got into on ‘Why’ he has to go to court on one of the highlights of the album ‘State Vs Kirk Jones’ Sticky choose not rap on this track instead leaving it to Canibus as the prosecuter, Rah Digga as a judge, Redman as the defence attorney, aswell as Scarred 4 Life, Lord Superb and Guess Who rapping as witness’. You really feel like your there watching the case oplay out as Sticky flips out at the end when sentenced. Throughout the second half of the album Sticky shows his softer side starting with a heart-to-heart phone call to his little brother from prison before a rant about cheating women on ‘Cheatin’ Although the album starts to lose momentum a bit towards the end there is stil some nice cuts including ‘What If I Was White’ where Sticky raps about how much easier life could be for him if he was white. Eminem is on the hook of this one. And ‘Sister I’m Sorry’ where Sticky pays his respects to women says sorry and thanks them. A couple more “get you pumed songs” before Sticky throws his own take on the classic ‘What A Wonderful Wordl’ by Louis Armstrong which really makes for a great closer to the album.

Blacktrash stil to this day remains criminally underrated. Although Sticky Fingaz is an aquired taste due to his agressive flow and delivery there is no denying his skills as he shows them throughout Blacktrash. He proved everyone wrong with this, its not just another hardcore album. Sticky show you can be thug and stil have a heart. While displaying some lyricisim no one ever thought we would hear coming from a member on Onyx. Its certaily a change from the the rage filled rants we are used to hearing on Onyx tracks. Although it has been said alot about concept albums you truly do feel as if your watching a movie with Blacktrash. It plays out perfectly. And like all good movies Blacktrash is very creative throughout there really are lots of unique cuts on here. Its the knid of album that is over looked alot but once you finnaly get around to hearing you wont forget it, and fall in love with it.

Overall Rating: 89/100

Best Tracks: Not Die’n, Why, State vs Kirk Jones, Get It Up, Wondeful World.

4 responses to “Sticky Fingaz – BlackTrash: The AutoBiography Of Kirk Jones (2001)

  1. Dope concept album. In future, you should split the review up into smaller paragraphs. Makes it much easier to read and also makes people more likely to read it. =)

  2. Yeah.. Im figuring out what I wanna do right now… I got another one thats track by track and not sure, what way Im wanting to go yet…

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